An Enchantlet is a magical bracelet that is worn by the Protectors of the Mystic Isles. They are used to assist the Protectors in keeping the Isles safe from danger. For Protectors in training, they first have to find one located in the Isle of Forever Frost in the Cave of the Arcticonders. A trainee cannot simply just take one; the Enchantlet must choose its wearer. Enchantlets differ depending on the Protector, as Orion wears a brooch, Vega wears an armband, and Sofia and Chrysta each wear a small, jeweled bracelet, but all Enchantlets have a similar wing-like design and magic abilities. They are primarily used as ropes and communicator Enchantlets have been shown to have the ability to summon other Protector tools, such as WhichWay Bows.

Role In The Series Edit

The Enchantlet is first used in the episode "The Mystic Isles", when Orion uses his to rescue Skye, Sofia, Amber and Prisma from a falling bridge when Amber accidentally breaks it with the Shatter Stone.

Sofia receives her own Enchantlet on her first day of Protector training with help from her trainer Chrysta in "The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector".

In "The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist". Chrysta demonstrates how to use an Enchantlet to summon a Whichway Bow. A WhichWay Bow shoots magical arrows that lead the way to where a Protector is to go. The bowstring is made from a hair from the mane of the Mare of the Mist, who only gives hair to people who are true of heart.

Trivia Edit

  • While most of the Protectors wear an identical blue Enchantlet, an Enchantlet can be different colors, as shown in the cave of Enchantlets.
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