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Sofia the First/Gallery
File:Amulet Of Avalor.jpgFile:Amulet Pink Sofia Forever Royal.jpgFile:Cedric's Apprentice 1.jpg
File:Cedric's Apprentice 4.jpgFile:Cute Princess Sofia.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Forever Royal 37.pngFile:Forever Royal 38.pngFile:Forever Royal Cedric Pink Amulet.png
File:Forever Royal Everyone Pink Amulet.pngFile:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 1.pngFile:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 2.png
File:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 3.pngFile:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 4.pngFile:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 5.png
File:Forever Royal Pink Amulet Lying Down 6.pngFile:Forever Royal Sofia Pink Amulet Look 1.pngFile:Forever Royal Sofia Pink Amulet Look 2.png
File:Forever Royal Title Card.jpgFile:Necessi Key.pngFile:New Genie On The Block.14 Amulet 2.jpg
File:New Princess Sofia.pngFile:New Sofia With Animals Friends.jpgFile:Once Upon A Princess 13.jpg
File:Once Upon A Princess 14.jpgFile:Once Upon A Princess 4.jpgFile:Once Upon A Princess 5.jpg
File:Pink Amulet.pngFile:Pink Amulet Of Avalor Jewel Forever Royal.pngFile:Pretty Princess Sofia The First.jpg
File:Princess Sofia is running.jpgFile:Redesign of Sofia.pngFile:Sofia's Amulet Begins To Glow.jpg
File:Sofia's Amulet Summons Cinderella.jpgFile:Sofia's Amulet Summons Jasmine.jpgFile:Sofia's Amulet Turned Pink.jpg
File:Sofia's Enchantlet Forever Royal.pngFile:Sofia's New Amulet Glow.pngFile:Sofia's New Look.png
File:Sofia's Special Amulet.jpgFile:Sofia3 Pink 1.pngFile:Sofia4 Pink 2.png
File:Sofia Amulet And Enchantlet Making Potion 1.pngFile:Sofia Amulet And Enchantlet Making Potion 2.pngFile:Sofia And Skye.jpg
File:Sofia Looking At Her Pink Amulet Glowing.pngFile:Sofia Sitting Down.jpgFile:Sofia The Mystic Isles Outfit Storykeeper.jpg
File:Sofia Wishes To be A Fairy.jpgFile:Sofia With Her Amulet.jpgFile:Sofia mystic isles.jpg
File:Sweet Princess Sofia.jpgFile:The Amulet And The Anthem.1.jpgFile:The Amulet And The Anthem.3.jpg
File:The Amulet And The Anthem Amulet Summoning.jpgFile:The Amulet Gives Sofia The Special Power.pngFile:The Amulet Of Avalor 1.jpg
File:The Amulet Summons Sofia.jpgFile:The Littlest Princess.1.Amulet 1.jpgFile:The Littlest Princess.3.Amulet 3.jpg
File:The Littlest Princess.5.Amulet 5.jpgFile:Two To Tangu 1.jpgFile:Whatnaught Sleeping Near Sofia's Pink Amulet And Enchantlet.png
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